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Local Buses & Mini Train
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Listed below are the main bus services from Cala d'Or. Whilst the timetables are accurate at the time of going to press, it is recommended that you check them out at before embarking on a journey. Timetables can alter at any time and we have also noticed that quite often the service bears no resemblance to the timetable anyway - so, if you are using a bus the best advice we can give is "sit, relax and enjoy the sun - one will come along eventually!"

L501 Cala d'Or - Palma via: Cala Ferrera, Santanyi, Campos, Lluchmayor, Arenal
Departs: Monday-Friday: 6.00: 8.00: 9.55: 12.45: 16.05: 17.35
Saturday: 6.45: 9.30: 12.45: 15.30: 17.30 Sunday & Fiestas: 7.30: 12.45: 17.30
Returns: Monday-Friday: 7.30: 13.15: 15.00: 18.30: 20.15
Saturday: 7.00: 9.15: 12.45: 15.00: 18.15: 20.00 Sunday & Fiestas: Saturday: 10.00: 15.00: 20.00
L425 Cala d'Or - Manacor via: Felanitx, Manacor Hospital
L441 Cala Egos - Cala Ratjada via: Cala d'Or, Cala Ferrera, Porto Colom, Calas de Mallorca, Porto Cristo, Sa Coma, Cala Millor, Cala Bona
  Cala d'Or - Felanitx Market (Sunday Only)
Departs: 8.40: 10.15 Returns: 12.30: 13.30

Mini Train
There are two mini road trains that run around town. One runs between Cala d'Or and Cala Egos, and the other runs between Cala d'Or and Cala Esmerelda

One starts from Eroski Supermarket on the outskirts of town and then goes to Cala Egos and the Fort before returning to Cala d'Or via the Marina.The first train sets off from Eroski at 09.40 and then hourly until 12.40 and then again from 15.50 to 19.50.

The other service goes from Cala Ferrera (by the Cala Azul Park and Esmeralda Park hotels) and runs to Eroski Supermarket, around the back of the Marina and then into Cala d’Or before making its way past Cala Gran beach and Cala Esmeralda before finishing by the Melia Cala d’Or and Cala d’Or Park hotels. This train sets off from Cala Ferrera at 09.45 and then hourly until 12.45, and then again from 14.55 to 19.55.

A third train takes in the longer trip to nearby resports of Porto Petro and Cala Mondrago.

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